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We generate activations sets for Bimmer Navigation systems (NBT, NBT EVO, CarPlay) retrofit and offer solutions for BMW chip-tuning and feature unlocks.
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New FSCMap portal for all BMW workshop services and owners

Do you often work with BMW, MINI or Rolls-Royce?
FSCMap Portal can help you with your daily tasks:

  1. Vehicle options check (including retrofitted options);
  2. Map updates FSC for Headunits: CIC / CIC MID / CHAMP / NBT / NBT EVO / ENTRYNAV;
  3. Retrofit FSC set for NBT / NBTevo;
  4. Video in Motion for NBT EVO / MGU;
  5. Region change for NBT EVO;
  6. VO order for E-Sys FA / SSD file for NCS Expert;
  7. NBTevo coding unlock.

Public registration has now been opened!

The invitation code for our customers:

FemtoEVO — the newest activating solution for NBT EVO

femtoEVO 1.09
Activate CarPlay Full screen in just a few minutes. Works with new version of software 20-03-XXX,19-11-XXX,18-11-XXX and earlier. Since version 1.09 internet connection needed.  


  • Harman/Becker ECE, US headunits;
  • Alpine headunits (Asia market);
  • All types of hardware, includung HW4.1.

Order FemtoEVO Activation container.

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Headunit retrofit FSC sets

Change car market region / EVO coding unlock

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